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RSS works only once, need help


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OK, I've been around uT for a while but never really bothered doing RSS feeds simply cause I figured I'd never use them. Now, I want to look at them.

When I click on the RSS Downloader and click Add. I'm assuming this is where my torrent lister provides me with the rss.xml file which I insert the full URL there.

Then over on the Releases tab I see a ton of files, shows and what not.

Now, for all intensive purposes only, say I want to automatically get {TV SHOW HERE}.

I see where the "Name" | "Episode" | "Format" | "Date" appear all nice and neat. Where I'm lost is how do I get only the latest episodes and not all of the published episodes? Or can you not do that? It's like that Episode Number function: [ex. 1x12-14). Am I supposed to just do 1-20x1-50 and hope it works out OK??

Also what happens if I add multiple RSS feeds that has the same files (uploaded to multiple torrents). How would I do that?

All my goal is to get {TV SHOW HERE} when it comes out, that's all.


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