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Unable To Start Any Torrents...Error Message


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So, I've been using torrents for years, but usually with the Azureus client. Azureus has not been working for me lately, so I switched to uTorrent and have had no problems until two days ago. All of a sudden, regardless of what torrent I try to download, I get the same error message:

Unable to load "[torrent file name here]": Invalid torrent file!

I have tried torrents from mininova, torrentspy, bitenova and others, all to no avail. I also tried switching clients to BitComet and BitLord, and both give me the same error message. I even used windows restore to take me back to when all torrents worked, and the error message still appears. I've been searching the internet for hours looking to find a smiliar situation with no luck. Any suggestions?

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