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What is a fake torrent?


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I am currently downloading and got stucked at 99.9% and i still see that the download column indicating byte still downloaded. it's more than 24 hrs already. i read in some posts here that it migth be a fake torrent. i was able to download some other stuff without getting stucked at 99.9%. What is fake torrent and what should i do with my download?

thanks people!

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a fake torrent is a torrent where the initial uploader has no intention to give the alledged content to you in the first place.

Sometimes they do it by stopping the seeding before some complete copy of the alledged content is send out, sometimes they do it by sending out a complete copy, but the 100% file is itself useless datagarbage.

if the overall availability in the swarm is less then 1.000 while there is a high number of seeders reported, it is likely it is a fake.

The best thing you can do with your downloads is just to download from legal sources only stuff that is allowed to be shared via BT. This way you can be very sure that your downloads will complete without the risk that a guy -that profits from piracy(!) by getting payed for annoying you- has the chance to do exactly that; annoy you with fake torrents.

So keep in mind: Those that want that you PAY for torrented content in the future are the same guys that try to annoy you know with the technology. Once they have established their business modell of content distribution for money via BT, don't be a fool and reward them then for what they do now while the content is free.

Only download legal content when it is free and stays free! Don't support those antisocial MAFIAA guys next year when they made a business out of BT!

legaltorrents.com and other CC approved stuff only!

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