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µTorrent doesn't respect max half open connection limit


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Using version 1.6 (build 474) under WinXP SP2, even though max half open connections are set to 6 in Preferences > Advanced, µT frequently breaks the limit and cripples my connection. (I don't have a patched tcpip.sys and I don't want to patch it)

At the moment netstat gives me:

TCP xxx.xxx.xx.xxx:13903 SYN_SENT 228 [utorrent.exe]

TCP xx.xxx.xx.xx:58215 SYN_SENT 228 [utorrent.exe]

TCP xx.xx.xxx.xxx:62050 SYN_SENT 228 [utorrent.exe]

TCP xx.xxx.xxx.xx:55166 SYN_SENT 228 [utorrent.exe]

TCP xx.xxx.x.xx:22024 SYN_SENT 228 [utorrent.exe]

TCP xx.xxx.xxx.xx:55043 SYN_SENT 228 [utorrent.exe]

TCP xxx.xxx.x.xx:6881 SYN_SENT 228 [utorrent.exe]

TCP xxx.xxx.xx.xxx:23763 SYN_SENT 228 [utorrent.exe]

TCP xxx.xx.xxx.x:6881 SYN_SENT 228 [utorrent.exe]

TCP xx.xxx.xxx.xx:55000 SYN_SENT 228 [utorrent.exe]

Is there another setting that controls this?

Edit: It seems these connections are "stuck" as they are not closed even when I stop the (only) torrent (unlike the incoming connections which are closed).

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Hm. My guess is that it's a bug of some sort. µTorrent shouldn't be doing that, but many people have reported issues with using 8 for net.max_halfopen (with unpatched TCPIP.sys) while leaving the max halfopen connections setting at 8 worked just fine in Azureus...

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TCP View is here:


TCP View allows you to close/end ip-to-ip connetions...and on Win XP shows what programs are making the connections in the first place.

Even if it is a bug, you can close the "stuck" SYN_SENT ip-to-ip links and possibly avoid the problem for longer.

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