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Slow speeds in every client


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Hi guys.

Im with BT (british telecom)..

I have never ever managed to get good torrent speeds.

Im on a 5mb connection and have high speeds on ftp. I have used various bt clients, all the same..

So I tried this one, set my port forwarding and it said my port (16000) was OK.

So I tried to download and got a message about not able to map UPNP port or something but I saw on here that if you have the green tick it doesn't matter.

Anyway, my usual max speed is about 50kb/s on a brilliant day! Usually struggle with about 15/20kb/s.

I tried that 90 odd mb university torrent or whatever it was, that downloaded fine at about 300kb/s

So what could the problem be? I have the green tick, it says the port is fine and open, the university torrent downloaded fine, why oh why are my downloads so slow...

finally BT doesn't seem to be on that bad ISP list for throttling connections and I have tried many different downloads, even ones with 100 seeds are sloowwwww.

Thanks guys - btw, utorrent seems to be slightly faster than other clients :)




Now why the fook are public speeds so slow as there are limited files available on public..

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Well as i understand it, you should have your upload speed at 80% of your normal max ftp download speed. Any more and it will affect your download.

Anyway if I allow it to upload to what it likes, it usually reaches about 30kb upload, whilst my download is 20kb. If I decrease my upload to less than 5kb, the download just about stops.

What I am trying to say is my upload is pretty much always higher than my download, whatever I do.

The private tracker I tried worked perfectly and how I would expect it to, eg a really high upload would affect my download (which it did)

I'd be able to live without public files but it's strange as to why the speeds are so bad.

Thanks for your help kind sir!

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Ah forget it....

For some reason, for the first time since I got my BT broadband, speeds are now high on both public and private trackers - this is only on Utorrent, bitcomet is still way slowwww...

There must be something wrong with the port forwarding config for bitcomet?

Even though I set the portforwarding in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.

Does bitcomet have the encryption to stop the throttling from isp's? I have forced Utorrent to do so, and it works?

Can't believe it...6 months of 15kb downloads and boosh in the high 100's/200's instantly.

God damnit !


Bitcomet now has fast speeds. I had forwarded many different ports but it seems they had not been forwarded after all... I had been using port 50000 and my router didn't announce any errors.

As I saw Utorrent using port 16000 I thought i will change bitcomet port to 16001 and lo and behold it works.

Thank god for the utorrent port checker!

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