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"Remove and -> Delete .torrent" Not working


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is there no way to actually delete the saved .torrent file from within uTorrent itself?

I've been an Azureus user for a long time, and "Remove and Delete .torrent" always deletes my saved .torrent file which is what I want. When I download a bunch of torrents, uTorrent has been bugging me lately when I have to delete these files individually myself. (It REALLY drove me crazy cuz it didn't delete the .torrent file when i Removed, so when i went to delete it myself manually, i ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE FILE I JUST DOWNLOADED!!! it took me 2 damn days to download that! ARGH)

The current "Remove and Delete .torrent" option in utorrent seems unintuitive to me. I dont even know where these .torrent files are cached, so it makes no difference to me if they're deleted or not. What I need is to delete the saved .torrent

Is that possible?

Put that in the next update perhaps?

(Long time uTorrent users might not find anythin wrong with this, but I recently switched to uTorrent and I like everything about it except for this)

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User misinterpretation of a behaviour is not a bug I guess.

µT deletes the torrents that it saves himself just fine if you tell him to do that. So no, there is no bug with it!

I for myself would be very pissed if µt would delete files not created by himself but by an other application

So just do not save the torrentfile elsewhere, and µT will delete what he has saved just fine if you use "Remove and delete torrentfile"

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