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help with my no incoming connections.


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i have been trying for ages to get a port open but what ever i have tried it has failed help me out. i have asked many cuzes about the problem and 1 goes u need to buy some kinda machine or watever and the other said go to portfoward.com.

can u sugest which is right or sugest another idea on how to fix the no incoming connections problem. i have a DSL 302G modem and yeah if u need any more info just post.

thx in advance

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Have you checked the manufacturer's website for that modem.

They'd be the person to ask if your modem contains a mini-router and/or firewall that needs to be configured or disabled.

It'd probably be listed as 'features' of that modem if it has them.

Use GOOGLE to find the manufacturer's website if you don't know it.

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