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Tried to be clever now messed the whole thing up!!


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I started using utorrent a couple of weeks ago and after much messing about managed to get myself up and running...Hooray! After reading lots of postings in the forum I decided to try and improve my speeds and have more than one torrent uploading at the same time. All was going great until I tried to use the internet and it was soooo slow! I know that this is utorrent because when I close it the internet works fine. For three days I have tried to revert back to my original settings but Ive done that much I can't remember what they were! I was hoping that if I tell you what i am currently using you can tell me if this is right or wrong!

Download 1796

Upload 179

Connection type xx192

Upload limit 17kb

Connections Per Torrent 55

Max Active Torrents 1

Upload slots 3

connections global 90

max Active downloads 1

DHT network (checked)

DHT for new torrents (checked)

net max half open 4

Sorry for the long posting and for probably repeating what a million other people have asked before...I know I should have listened to my mother..."If it aint broke..don't fix it!"

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Hi I am new to all this too and have done te exact same thing and now utorrent is not downloading at all, can anyone help?

I have Windows XP

Port not randomised is 24412

Upload Speed 246 kbps

Download Speed 470 kbps

Enabled UPNP Mapping

Ticked Add Torrent to Windows Firewall (except XP) I have Zone Alarm Free edition FA

Maximum Upload 22

Maximum Download 0

Maximum Connections 130

Maximum Peers 70

Uploads Slots 3

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