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Download speed has really slowed down, am I being throttled?


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I have been using UTorrent for around 2 months, everything was great at the start - relatively fast downloads

But in the last 2 weeks the download speed has reduced to max 6kB/s

My ISP is talk talk, could they be throttling my connection? I have heard that they have the capability to throttle P2P clients.

If this is so, is there anything I can do to stop it or get around it?

Router is Linksys WAG354G V.2

The following is copied from the status page of my router:

DSL Status: Up

DSL Modulation Mode: ADSL2+


Downstream Rate: 6810 Kbps

Upstream Rate: 446 Kbps

Downstream Margin: 11 db

Upstream Margin: 0 db

Downstream Line Attenuation: 35

Upstream Line Attenuation: 19

Downstream Transmit Power: 0

Upstream Transmit Power: 0

PVC Connection

Encapsulation: RFC 2364 PPPoA

Multiplexing: VC


PCR Rate: 0

SCR Rate: 0

Autodetect: Disable

VPI: 0

VCI: 38

Enable: Yes

PVC Status: Applied

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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As a first post Talktalk are the biggest load of crap yes you are being throttled be thankfull you have 6k i was lucky to 1k best thing to do is ask for a macc code and hope you get it pretty darn quick waited for 2 mths for mine there is nothing you can do about the slow speeds so if you want decent internet go somewhere else please i beg you

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