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Trouble with download speeds jumping and falling quickly...


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For a week or so now, all torrents I've been using have had incredibly low average speeds (nothing above 20 kB/s on a 1.5 mb connection). I've been watching the speed tab and it seems to fluctuate pretty rapidly. I've read through a number of different forums, and it doesn't seem like the problem has been addressed. I've tried turning DHT/uPnP off/on legacy connections off and on, and torrents from different trackers with no help. I'm online directly through the modem, and the speed test shows a normal speed. I subscribe to clearwire, and haven't seen them mentioned in the bad ISP list. I've also read through the forum post on maximizing speed with no change. I can post the log if it would help, I'm just confused by the whole situation.

Thanks in advance,


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