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Problem with FireDeamon and WebGui...


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When i start uTorrent localy, and am logged in on my Win 2k3 server, the webgui is working normally.

But as the server works 99,9% time with noone logged in, the uTorrent application closes after i log off. When i am logged off, i cant access the utorrent via the webgui.

The other application servers are managed through FireDeamon, as was my old utorrent and the new one i DLed today. The uTorrent is working normally, only the webgui is making problems.

The problem is, when the uTorrent is run via the FireDeamon, I can't login into the webgui. It prompts my for the user and password, but i get white screen. Its the same when connecting locally ( or from a remote computer.

Anyone got it working?

Or maybe has something to make uTorrent work 0-24 on W2k3 server?

Thx, cu!

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