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UTor - Tracker Offline Problems.


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Greetings. I love your client.

However, recently, I have been having a strange problem with it.

After downloading several torrents, all of which have several trackers, the torrent goes "red" with the message that the tracker(s) are all offline (timed-out). I was suspicious, since some of these trackers are quite popular, and there would be little chance that 6-7 of them would suddenly go offline.

I should note, that previous torrents have worked just fine. I have no firewall problems at all.

So I decided to open the same torrent with a different client (Bittornado). It seems to be working just fine with no errors.

This problem is not really urgent, but I would still like to know what is causing this behavior, since it seems to be only displayed by utorrent.

Thank you.

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I have not touched any advanced settings.

The only things that I have changed immediately after the install of utorrent were the ports.

I should also note that this behavior is not universal to all active torrents in utorrent. It is specific to a related bunch, but regardless, the said bunch work fine outside of utorrent.

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