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Performance Tweaks


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Hey All,

First thanks to all those responsible for UT client and this board.

Just jumped on the UT wagon from torrentstorm and Azureus.

Finally a client that runs thin ... was using torrentstorm (3+yrs best client imo) and dev has stopped and looking to move on ... was testing Az but resource hog and peaked at bitcomet.

So here I am ... lol

Any guidelines/opinions for performance settings.

Tweaks for seeding especially (heavy sder as so you all should be lol) ...

Big Picture!

AMD64 3700

1.5g ram

Linksys WRV54G

Outpost Firewall w/Blockpost

Win XP SP2 (did all the tcpip tweaks)

UT 1.1.7

Just got on today and looking for some tweaks for better torrenting!



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