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How to get best upload speed?


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Hey, I'm needing some advice. I currently is using my computer at a network with a theoretical 1 Gigabit/second line to the internet.

So my speed is almost, what should I say, unlimited? But then, how do I configure the best setting to use this bandwith? Downloading I see a usual ~4-6 Mb/s, but I'm not impressed by my upload speed, so I need to set uTorrent for the best upload-settings.

Thanks for any answers.

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1. Make sure you have ports correctly forwarded

2. Make sure you don't flood your upstream, you said you have downstream of 4mb/s, what about upstream?

3. Private trackers (www.demonoid.com ?) seam to be "faster" than public ones

4. Seed, seed, seed the more you seed the better for you.

5. There should be some faq's about that topic anyways.

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