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Resume Downloading after ISP Disconnects is too slow


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When my ISP disconnects and then reconnects (automatic reconnection by the modem). uTorrent is slow on re-establishing dl/ul instead it starts other torrents in queue which the connection to peers is fast. I tried modifying the Advanced option so peer won't get disconnected when my ISP disconnects but still the downloads never start (but the torrent is connected to peers)

Example: (step by step)

1. Active Internet Connection

2. Start uTorrent

3. Torrent 1-4 (dl/ul usually starts about 3 to 5 seconds)

4. When ISP Disconnects

5. Torrent 1-4 (stops downloading)

6. When ISP Reconnects

7. Torrent 1-4 (doesn't start dl/ul)

8. Torrent 5-8 (starts connecting to peers and starts dl/ul but torrent 1-4 is still in "downloading" status but no dl/ul is reflected [i tried disabling up "peer.disconnect_inactive", the connection to peers is there but still no dl/ul])

9. After 3 to 4 minutes

10. Torrent 1-4 (begins to connect to peers and starts to dl/ul)

11. Torrent 5-8 (becomes "Queue")

The problem is at 'step 9' I would like to reduce that time or to 1 second if possible. Is there a way to do that?

note: When my ISP disconnects I usually close uTorrent then wait 3 to 5 seconds and start uTorrent again and Torrent 1-4 instantly connecting to peers and starts dl/ul. Also when I close uTorrent and open it without waiting 3 to 5 seconds, a warning window will popup saying "uTorrent is already running" but it's already closed...

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After reset do you get the same ip again?

Also, is µTorrent firewalled? (what color is the light at the bottom of its window?)

The advanced settings for "queue.dont_count_slow_dl" and "queue.dont_count_slow_ul" disabled might at least prevent opening and then queueing the extra torrents when reconnecting.

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