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I want to Seed, but seems I Can't - Help!


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It is my great pleasure to join this torrent community of lovely people.

I benefited a great deal from this wonderful community. Now, I want to give back something in return. I want to keep seeding stuffs for the rest of my life. But the problem is:

The default download folder of utorrent is in the drive of my pc that requires continuous cleaning and I am left with no other option but to cut and paste the downloaded material to some other drive where space is available. As a result my utorrent can't seed.

Although, now i have changed the default download folder of utorrent to the lots of free space hard drive of mine, but I mistakenly removed the entries on the utorrent software main window.

I would really appreciate if someone could please let me know how can add those torrentz that I downloaded but cut/pasted in other drives, for the sole purpose of seeding them?

Please help! I don't want to be called a leacher. I want to be helpful to other utorrent users.



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