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Great programs you use


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That's because MPlayer can't either. No one's written a(n open source) decoder for Real Media (or Quicktime, for that matter), so naturally, it's not included in MPlayer. Even though I don't play either media types, the extensibility is what draws me to MPC + DirectShow codecs/filters.

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Ok, since everyone here loves µtorrent because of it's greatness (for lack of a better term), what are some other programs you use for doing different things?

I'll gives some general catagories that most people use:

Webbrowsing: Firefox (duh)

Movie player: BS Player

IM: Trillian (Xfire for gaming)


voip in general: mostly google talk, but ventrilo from time to time

Music Player: quintessential

Audio Editing: Audacity

Unzipping: WinRAR

Picture browsing: Irfanview

Picture editing: Photoshop (haven't got around to switching to gimp yet)

CD burning: nero 7

image mounting: Daemon tools

Antivirus: AVG

Firewall: zonealarms

Bandwidth Monitor: tautology bandwidth monitor

Temp monitor: MBM 5

And that's about all :P

of course, I don't use them all at the same time ;)

Doesn't BS player have adware?

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I'm using K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. This thing is HUGE (over 100MB with everything installed), but it has EVERYTHING needed to decode or encode ANY file (including QuickTime and Real Codecs). I haven't found a single file I can't play over an year now.

Of course if you don't need the encoding tools you can use K-Lite Standard or Basic. Those will still play practicaly everything and are several times smaller than the Mega. Basic actually can fit on a floppy, though it doesn't play everything.

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Huge codec packs are prone to issues, due to conflicts (causing crashes or whatever), or incorrect settings (causing playback errors). More likely than not, you're not going to need all 7 bajillion codecs and filters included with the pack, so why bother installing them in the first place?

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Better downloading more along the way than dumping a massive amount on your computer.

If you suddenly have a problem with your media, which one is easier to troubleshoot?

1) Uninstalling 500 codecs and filters and attempting to figure out what might be causing the problem

2) Uninstalling some codec you just installed recently?

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In general you're right, but I've never had any problems with this particular codec pack and I've been able to play some very badly corrupted videos that some friends of mine couldn't with their "normal" codecs.

btw, if you think that K-Lite is too big, take a look at this. It's a 50MB installer!!! As I recall it could even check your box for viruses at installation... now if this is not overdone, I don't know what is....

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Alpha-Toxic, try CCCP codec pack =


Looks nice, "specifically built for playing anime" :)

I'm not going to try it right now, though, cause I'll need to uninstall my current codecs first. Chances are after the un/re/installs sth will not work...

btw, do you think the "CCCP" is intentionl? And all this red color at the back?

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