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Great programs you use


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Just some programs i use :)

Videos: VLC Player (why? best video app ever made - plays everything, and without codecs :P)

Music: Winamp (latest) with the ClearONE skin (makes it look b-e-a-utiful)

Calendar: Rainlendar with the Shadow3 skin (sits on desktop and looks cool)

Video Conversion: TMPGEnc Xpress 3

DVD->MP4 Conversion: Nero Recode

Graphics: Photoshop 7.0 (Prefer it to CS and CS2...dont know why)

FTP: FlashFXP (latest)

Well those are the important ones :)

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In terms of speed and resource usage, definitely (and that's its major selling point for me). As for its rendering... well it seems to be having elusive bugs (at least in the WebUI), and it turns out there's a bigger effort to get things working correctly on Opera than IE =T

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Alpha-Toxic' date=' try CCCP codec pack =


Looks nice, "specifically built for playing anime" :)

I'm not going to try it right now, though, cause I'll need to uninstall my current codecs first. Chances are after the un/re/installs sth will not work...

btw, do you think the "CCCP" is intentionl? And all this red color at the back?

CCCP is ffdshow with two player options and Hali Media Spliter. I've never had a probelm with play back for it.

The K-Lite codec packs screwed one of my computers up so badly I had to format it. Good thing I kept regulair back ups.

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@Pwnage: It's digg.com/spy, and I see nothing wrong with the rendering.

Did you try the others? Try moving around the windows, gmail has problems with opera, googlepages has problems, writley has problems, the list goes on....

Their trying to create there own set of standards, if only firefox was as fast as opera i would be extremley happy.

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I know Opera has a bunch of problems with many AJAX sites, but it doesn't mean rendering is bad in general. AJAX, though an old technology (technically), is only starting to become widespread, so it's no wonder that there might be problems with it. Also, I've no problems with GMail whatsoever, and any issues that used to be there were fixed during the weekly builds, AFAIK O.o

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ABC amber LIT / Palm etc

Adobe / various


Bluetack blocklist

Bs clip

Creative USB SB Audigy/2NX

Cyberlink power DVD (gets round some SONY DVD video camera issues i have got)

Digiguide TV programmes

DIVX player

DVD Decypter (Lighting UK)

LG multi dvd bundled software with dvd


ImTOO avi mpeg converter

IE explorer

paint shop pro


Magic iso

Logitec surround sound

maketorrent 2



lots of dirfferent book reading software

Outlook( paid for by employer)

XP office ( as above)

msn messenger (grandchildren love it!)

Persono (headphone etc.)


windows media player (no probs here)


Win TV (software for showshifter)

logitech quick cam


Sony image mixer (aghhhhh)

Sony sonic stage (aghhhh)

Cyberlink multimedia

lots of other stuff that i have had to use only once or twice.


Oh i forget to mention....

and NOD32 antivirus cause I am not so carfull as others!! and anyway what's £30 a year for peace of mind especialy as I use limewire for the odd hard to find file etc!!

STATS the past three weeks 38GB up 34GB down

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if wmp was playing the file ok and mplayer - not chances are you were playing a windows media file, it probably is not an open source format so for that reason it's not in the mplayer package, i've found somewhere a workaround for this - you can put some .dll files before compiling mplayer and then it'll have windows media file support, good luck! :)

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Browsing: Opera

Video: Zoom Player + K-Lite Codec Pack/ VLC

Music: Foobar 0.9.1

IM: Gaim, considering moving to Miranda.

IRC: X-Chat, mIRC

Archives: WinRAR

Image viewing: Irfanview

Image editing: The GIMP

Email: Gmail+ Notifier

Bandwidth monitoring: CFosspeed

Traffic shaping: CfosSpeed/ DD-WRT QoS

Antivirus: Antivir 7 Personal

CD/DVD Burning: Nero 6

Firewall: DD-WRT SPI

CD Ripping: EAC

Office Suite: Openoffice.org 2.0

FTP: Filezilla

Spyware control: Adaware, Spybot S&D

Registry Cleaning: MS regclean, Easycleaner, Regsupreme Pro

Defrag: PerfectDisk 7.0

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Regarding Mplayer, I've played around with the windows version for quite a few months now and it can, but doesn't always need to, use external codecs.

It uses the free FFmpeg internal codecs to decode WMV files of which there are 3 types WMV1, WMV2 and WMV3. WMV1 works fine apparently, but WMV2 has problems and WMV3 crashes.

This is the default, as they want users to report bugs and get things fixed. To decode, say WMV2, more or less perfectly you need to get hold of the codec files - wmadmod.dll and wmvdmod.dll - and place these in the \mplayer\codecs directory (create if it doesn't exist)

You then need to comment out the ffwmv2 and ffwmv3 entries in your codecs.conf file which you may (or may not) find in your \mplayer\mplayer directory, so that you force the program to use the dll's.

An alternative method is to use MPUI (the best GUI frontend for windows), and find the 'Additional Mplayer Parameters' box (it's in Options > Options in my version) and stick the following in the box to force Mplayer to try using the Microsoft dll's first of all.

-afm dmo -vfm dmo

The 'dmo' above is the name of the 'codec family', other examples being 'dshow', 'realvid' etc.

You can get codecs from Mplayer's site or get one of the K-lite packs and, instead of installing, unpack with Inno Setup Unpacker (innounp.sourceforge.net).

To get a list of audio/video codecs supported by Mplayer, go to the command line and once inside the \mplayer directory type :-

mplayer -ac help > acodecs.txt

mplayer -vc help > vcodecs.txt

This makes a couple of text files which can help you pick which codecs to use and tells you which family they belong to and whether they work, crash etc.

Mplayer has an 'output' which can be read and tells you a load of stuff about what codecs it's using and what kind of video/audio file you're playing etc, which can be helpful.

Xvid, Divx, mpeg and many others play back fine using Mplayers internal codecs, it's just a few that need adjustment.

Hope this helps


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Browser: FireFox 1.5

Email: Gmail WebInterface

Video player: Zoomplayer, PowerDVD and VLC

AIM/MSN: Trilian


Archiving: WinRAR

CD Mastering: Nero 6.6

Image Burning: Alcohol 120%

Drive Mounting: Alcohol 120%

Antivirus: Avira Antivir

Antispyware: Spybot S&D, Adaware

Bandwidth Monitor: Netlimiter

FTP Client: FlashFXP

Firewall: Router --> Kerio Firewall

Office Software: Microsoft Office 2003

FTP Server: Serv-U FTP

Hash checking: RapidCRC

P2P: utorrent

Download Manager: Getright 4.5

Audio Player: WMP 9

Mp3 Tag Editor: mp3Tag

Media Encoding & Conversion : DVDShrink, AnyDVD, DVDLab Pro, tmpenc3xpress, BeSweet

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