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Messenger lose Connection because of utorrent


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i have a little Network with a few PC's. One of them is running constantly utorrent (using utorrent since 6 months or so, before i was using Azureus; the OS is a fully up-to-date Windows 2000).

2-3 months ago, i had an Zyxel Router, and now i have a Linksys wrt54gs with the firmware dd-wrt v2.3 sp2 running on it.

Since i installed utorrent, my Messenger programs lose constantly their connection (with the new and the old router). Sometimes, for example ICQ, is showing me, that i am online, but when i write something, there is an error, and icq reconnects. This happens with every messenger programm, i've installed.

When i close utorrent on the PC , on which it is running, everything works fine.

So there has to be a problem with utorrent.

Can anyone help me?

It is really annoying, when you write something to a friend, and you recieve an error. It's even more worse for my friends. Some of them write me something, and i don't get the message, because i was shown online to them (and me).

Any help would be immensely appreciated.


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*sigh* Sometimes, I wonder whether people actually read the entire thread.

Look at the first link in my signature, again. Scroll all the way down. See the section in red, bold, underlined font styling that writes IF NONE OF THE ABOVE HELP? Well yeah, we need to know the bit of information requested under that.

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