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Ipfilter question


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Hey guys,

I've been downloading with Utorrent for a little while, but I'm jsut now really getting into it. And I've heard about ipfilters. And I hope I'm understanding it correctly, but these will block your ip, so you can't be tracked through your client?

I was using Peer Guardian2 for a little while. I only download from private trackers(Demonoid, BlackCats, etc.). And when I had PG2 running when I was seeding, it seemed like my seeding was effected by Peer Guardian. All my download would be red, when I had Peer Guardian2 enabled. And once I disabled Peer Guardian, they immediately went into the green.

So, I'm not quite sure what that meant, but I stopped using Peer Guardian.

So, my question is: What is a good ipfilter to use for Utorrent? And should I continue to use Peer Guardian? Does it really offer security?

I've been looking around for ipfilters, and I'm finding a bunch for emule. And I didn't know if those worked with Utorrent or not. So I just thought I would come here and ask you guys.

Thank you for any help. I'll really appreciate it.

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