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uTorrent crashing, because of... what?


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Hello there,

at first I've to apologize, my English is probably not the best,

but I hope I'll understand me, if not, please ask ;-)

So where is the problem...

I don't know, I've recognized it two days ago.

When uTorrent is minimized and just visible as this little Icon left of the clock, I can't open the whole window again.

right click, left click... no way, no reaction.

When I'm trying to close uTorrent by using the Task-Manager, the Icon disappears after a while, but the process is still shown in the Task-Manager.

I'm not able to end the process, no reaction...

When I'm trying to open a new uTorrent, he's telling me, that another uTorrent is still running, but not reacting at the moment.

I just get rid of it, by shutting down the whole system and rebooting.

Thats really... uncomfortable =)

I don't know, I've used uTorrent for 3 Month, without any problems.

What's wrong now?

PS: I was trying to reproduce the error while writing this text. I've been successful ^^

It crashes, while the window is open... Something must have been crushed...

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I have had checked the FAQ already, but found nothing.

I've had the same problem with other programs or just when I opened a folder.

I think, I just caught a virus or something worse.

Hopefully my new AntiVir will avoid those problems in the future.

If not, I'll post my process list.

Thank you for your advise and have a nice weekend.

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