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Unable to map UPnP..and more ...HELP!


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Hello there,

I know the problem has been to many.. i read through, however whatever i tried wouldnt work. I use utorrent for ages now, but i just moved back to my dorm where we have a big shared network through LAN connection. First days utorrent still worked, but nw it can't map the UPnP port. I think the problem is that it cannot find any incoming connections, cuz the button is neither green or red, but yellow:D...

I tried to see what ports does messenger use, couldnt find it (rather user with pc's i am ) but it does say that :

"i am connected to the internet through non UPnP port retricted NAT"

is it possible to overcome the restriction and continue on using utorrent??? I really want to!!!

could yo please help me with this. Thanks


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