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WebUI on IE7 Workaround


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I figured this great application deserved to work on "the browser to be" and in my research I noticed that people had found differences in broswer User-Agent information...

Well what if we could tell WebUI that it was the old Fox comming to visit? In that moment I relaized I already hade the solution installed on my comp.

You can get the WebUI to work just fine by installing the IE7pro browser add-on and setting it up to imitate FireFox.

While this procedure might be an option on computers that you controll and thus can install applications on it is pretty useless on public computers. However it works just fine as a proof of concept that WebUI just need to accept IE7 User-Agent and we are in business.

You can find IE7pro at http://www.ie7pro.com/


Just tell your browser to report as FireFox and your good to go...


As you can see it runs as a clock on IE7.

Huggs & Kisses

Thanks for a super application!!

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Well beat me with a stick I actually thought it wasnt working on IE7 since I saw some posts on the subject. When I launched my own installation I got the "Browser not supported" text and figured it still was not fixed. Little did I realize that it was the very application I suggested that was to blame... Had it on IE6 User-Agent :(

No sorry for taking up DB space, and no I have no affiliation with the IE7pro application team. I do however think it is a great application with tons of usefull features for the avid surfer.

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I know how it must have looked Alpha-Toxic :-/

Yes I agree with your notion Alderaan, however since webserver statistics show that IE 6 & 7 got +90% of the market I think we can safely say that IE7 is the browser to be. But just as you seem to do I support Fx2 for what it is.

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