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Opening uTorrent = IE/FF connection timed out !!!


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Evey time I open up uTorrent/Azureus, Internet Explorer or FireFox can't get a connection.

This happens every time, the second I open either torrent applications. No matter what the torrent traffic is, even If there are NO torrents on the download/upload list.

The moment I open the torrent application IE/FF stop working and even... If FireFox is closed (and a torrent app open) I can't even open FireFox (then I hit ctrl+alt+del see that FireFox.exe is running, but the program just doesn't start).

I've dried old versions of Firefox, uTorrent and Azureus but nothing helps. I've also tried changing the open port for the torrent applications. No luck.

This wasn't an issue at first. Then just some month ago this started happening to uTorrent. Then I changed to Azureus and everything was fine for only 2 weeks.

I've also reformated my computer since this started. Nothing has changed.

What could be wrong?

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