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No incoming connections


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I read lots of posts in here about this but they actually don't contain info... anyways...

I'm on WinXP Pro SP2 non patched with AVG 7.5 Email Server Edition (don't ask why!) and on a Telit 520 router aka Viking II. I port-forwarded correctly (succeded test) and downloaded normally for about a week and a half. Then my connection wasn't working anymore and had to restart my router. Server downloads ok, Skype is working, I can surf but can't use neither BitComet nor uTorrent anymore. With BitTorrent I get conn ok but no downloads. With uTorrent I get the "No incoming connections" error and doesn't download anything. I tried uninstalling BitComet and deleting the settings/history of uTorrent. I deleted the IP Filter list... nada!

Then I changed the port from 5001 to 3333 and restarted my PC and modem countless times and everytime redone the port test. Always successful but still "No incoming connections". I have no firewalls whatsoever, all router security settings set to "None" and disabled antivirus (closed control center, left the real-time scanner on).

Any suggestions?

Edit: I corrected my "BitTorrent" to "BitComet"

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Hey ;)

Your built in uTorrent-porttest was successful?

Than you should be all right... but it is possible, that other users have not connected to you since that moment.

With me, uTorrent shows the yellow icon that mentions "networkproblems" till the first user initiated an incoming connection.

I advise you to wait for about 15 minutes for incoming connections on a heavy populated torrent.



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Ok then Sun! Thanx for the advice! The fact is that before, as soon as I started uTorrent it started downloading so that's why I got alarmed. But I still am because neither BitComet downloads anymore -.-

Anyways imma try and fix this thing by simply CHANGING ISP. That way I'll get rid of my 4 Mb and pass on to a 20 Mb.

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