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blue sceen of death


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so im a advanced computer user but this one has me stumped. i have been using utorrent for a long time and i love it nice and light weight torrent program. for about half a year now utorrent has been randomly crashing after a few hours most of the time its when i go to bed and leave it running

in the blue screen of death it says the file is A3AB.SYS witch i know from memory is something to do with dlinks wireless network cards

i have 2 dlink cards in my computer a cat5 Ethernet nic and a wireless nic.

i thought that maybe from high traffic load from utorrent could be coursing this problem but that cant be as there is other programs i use witch use lots of bandwidth playing bf2 online is one of them.

i have tried to many things to work out why utorrent does not like dlink.

can any one shed light on this problem or have seen it befor

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