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seeding is terrible


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I uploaded a torrent and im trying to seed it, but it is barely sending out anything. Its only sending out about 10kb every 12 hours.

Im tracking it through demonoid.

I did a bandwith test and got 610.8kb/sec download and 44kb/sec upload. I have cable (5mbps) speed and im going through a router with 2 computers on it.

I use to be able to seed just fine until I moved out (my old place had the same set-up as this one, it was just a little slower) and now I cant seed at all.

One more piece of info that might help is I use to use BitLord. Its still on my PC but im not running it.

Any tips or software to recommend?

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The recipe to fix this stupid problem:

Take 1 part "opening the right port on my router" and 1 part "setting the right static IP address" and mix together in a bowl. Throw in a dash of "reboot". Preheat the oven to 450 and bake for 5 min.

The end result is a working torrent! Im awesome!

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