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static ip address/port forwarding


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please can anyone help me! i need to set up astatic ip address and forward ports as my downloads are not working my speed is only between 12 and 32 kbs(not sure what it means!)when i tried to download a torrent before. i had a red triangle on download page . i honestly have tried via portforward.com to do it but it didnt work? i am at my witts end and feel like giving up im not the best with pc's and certainly know nothing about torrents,statis ip or port forwarding. i have tried reaal hard day after day fot a month now but i am getting nowhere. please please help. is there an easy way a step by step idiots guide on how to do it!!

i have a laptop and a belkin F5D7230-4 router and my isp is telewest/blueyonder(uk)

i hope there is someone out there to ease my pain!

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