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Speed Tweaking help


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I need help on µTorrent.

My torrents are way too slow, the only torrent that's good is OpenOffice.

Here are my settings :

Internet speed :

Download : 1024 Kbps

Upload : 128 Kbps

Settings :

Port : 54698

Enable UPnP Porting : Unchecked

Max upload rate : 7 kB/s

Max download rate : 110 kB/s

Max number of connections : 350

Max number of peers : 350

Number of upload slots : 3

Enable DHT : Checked

Protocol Encryption : Enabled

Allow incoming legacy connections : Checked

Max number of active torrents : 1

net.max_halfopen : 1000

I did patch my TCPIP.sys

What's wrong with my speed?

BTW I get 1-5 kB/s

So that is low, if I get 20 kB/s I'm ok with that.

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lol, um, sorry... I should've inspected the thread a bit more carefully before... As has been stated several times already, Rogers has been killing BitTorrent traffic for well over a year now, and just recently, they decided to tighten their grip even more than ever. The result? What you're seeing. Why the OpenOffice.org torrent's running fine? I've no clue, but just that one torrent running quickly doesn't show that they're not throttling, so...

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