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Have to restart Utorrent to seed at full speed


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Here is the deal.

My seeds are around 170 - 200 kb.

Suddenly the speed drop to 40-30-20-10 and even 0.* values.

I shutdown utorrent, restart and speeds are fine again 170 - 200 kb

after a few hours the whole thing has to be repeated.

speeds drop and have to restart.

Im only seeding one torrent and im useing version 1.6 on a win xp Sp2 with patched tcpip.sys

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Yah... your problem doesn't seem typical of an overloaded connection, but do try some of the suggestions in the first link in my signature. I'm not sure if they'll help, but it's worth a try, I guess. If it doesn't help (and TBH, I'm pretty much doubting that they will), I'm with Firon -- could be your ISP.

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