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utorrent functionality question


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I want to ask you why when i click on the blue icon showing all the downloading files there are listed all of my files except these that are uploading now. I mean there are listed also the inactive tasks like it is on the all files icon/section.

I have ~500 tasks loaded and waiting to be downloaded and it is complete mess if i cant see only the uploading or only the downloading files.

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Active tab is showing only the torrents that have activity in the moment (and it should be like this).

I think it is more reasonable the upload tab to show only the tasks that are uploading mean 100% and are started no matter do they upload in that particular moment or not.

And the download tab to show only the tasks that i started to download (started and below 100%). Not the stopped tasks that should be downloaded some day and besided it has separate tab for stopped tast - why they to show on the download tab too.

Anyway this is my suggestion.

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