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No option to seed on opening torrent!!! Please Help


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I have been a seeding with U torrent to Demonoid for quite a while now, but after reformatting my computer and installing u-torrent 1.6, I do not have the option on seeding when opening my torrents. All that happens now is that downloading occurs, so I am actually downloading my own torrent from other people!!!

I did move my torrents to another drive, and thought that would be the reason why, so I created a new torrent for each of my uploads (in u-torrent) and on opening that I had an option to "start seeding", which did appear to work even if it said "torrent deleted or not in pool yet" - a Demonoid style phrase

But in trying to see if these new torrents work, I removed them, tried to open them up again, and alas, there was no seeding option. I don't really want to re-load my demoniod torrents again as I will loose my download stats, and I really dont think thats the issue, as I am sure I have just clicked the torrent file again on occasions and checked the seeding box.

Can anyone offer me any advice as I want to continue to provide an even ratio as its the way to keep the comunity going.

Kind Regards


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