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Network Problems with LinkSys Router


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Hi, I'm using a LinkSys BEFSR41 Router, and as advised in the FAQ I have limited the global number of peers (from 200 to 50...) and I'm still having major problems with µTorrent.

I have a feeling that uTorrent is basically stealing all my networks bandwidth, thus making me laggy within games (disconnecting every 2-3 minutes in Final Fantasy XI) and on mIRC & Firefox. I'm running the uTorrent webui beta, although I also have this problem with the non beta (install package).

As I use my 2nd computer as a server, it has the standard webserver ports forwarded (html, ventrilo, teamspeak, mySql ports etc..) aswell as the uTorrent port that it suggested when I installed, yet I still have major problems.

Any suggestions? If you need anymore information I would gladly assist, I would love to get this program fixed so I can use it for torrenting 24/7, via the webui.

Thank you,


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