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Torrents not Downloading


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I have a similar issue, I am also using Windows XP and a D-link router and everything else works on my computer just fine, but as Ninjax has stated I can't get anything to download:

I truly hope someone can help as it probably is a simple fix, but I am not that versed in computer lingo or programming, so please be patient, go easy on me and I hope you can resolve my problem.

It's simple, it just doesn't want to work!!!

I have had everything up and running fine and I have downloaded several movies and sitcom's in the past. Problem is that I type in my search request into the search window hit enter and nothing happens under mininova, piratebay, isohunt or anything else. Nothing happens...usually a separate Internet Explorer would open and search for my request but after I hit the return button nothing.

Okay, I am beginning to get repititious, but it's frustrating...I really hope someone can help!!!



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