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Must change port everytime


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Every time uTorrent loads it requires the port to change, otherwise no connections will get through, and the yellow warning icon "you have no incoming ports open" stays present. Data transfer stays at 0 for upload and download. I tried waiting for 1 hour once, and still no activity.

I have to manually change the port to one of the other 4 I have made available via the router.

Is utorrent blocking these ports after using them?

For instance, last night when I used uTorrent, I was using 6346.

I open it today and have to change the port to 6347, close uTorrent, then open it again, (for the port change to register) then the green icon will appear. Activity starts within 10 seconds of my doing this, with normal down/up speeds or around 150-180kb's on a 2mb line.

Any ideas why this is happening? I have a feeling uTorrent is blocking ports after using them, only freeing them up when I change port from within uTorrent, or something else is.

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Ultima, my computer is direcly connected to the modem router.

I have found a solution though.

I found the latest firmware for my router, and installed it. So far, my one port is managing to stay open permanently, with a green icon "nearly" everytime uTorrent is opened. Occasionally I still get the warning icon, but less frequently than before.

I upgraded from 1.01.28, to 1.02.04 for the Netgear DG834GT Wireless Router.

It is strange, because the old firmware was working fine for such a long time, I didn't think to upgrade.

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