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connection drops all of a sudden


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hello, i am quite new with torrents & found utorrent to be a good choice of client

and downloads were ok until 'now'... my connection just drops to '0' ?

I thought it was incompatibility with either router or firewall & utorrent but portforward.com has instructions for the both. I have combed the forums for info but there is not many topics on my problem, here is what I have.

winxp sp2

BT wireless router (probably not the best option)

trend micro pc-cillin IS 07

here is what i have tried.

i have configured my router via portforward.com (accepting tcp only)(never had any probs with forwarding ports B4)

i have updated firmware for router

i have a static ip address (not sure if this makes any difference !!)

i have configured my firewall for utorrent ports (tcp & udp, my port no starts with 5xxxx)

(utorrent preferences) i have unchecked 'enable upnp port mapping'

i have tried 'tcpip.sys' to 50 & back

(utorrent preferences) i have tried net.max_halfopen

(utorrent preferences) protocol encryption/outgoing is enabled (tried it on disabled)

did the speedtest settings (average upload speed = 347.xx kbps = 43.xx kB/s. I put

35 in the global maximum upload rate box.)

i have tried enable/disable DHT

i think ive tried almost everything even uninstall/reinstall

ive tried other clients so i know its not utorrent that is the problem.

seeds, peers, down speed, up speed all drop to '0' but utorrent stays open.

the speed on my wireless connection icon drops to around 2.0 Mbps also (normally on 54.0 Mbps)

I have to disable then enable wireless connection to get downloading again. I have tried to do all what people have suggested but still stuck. its probably something small but its giving me a big headache.

if u can help thanx.

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