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Question: Meaning of Icons & Flags Column


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On the left of the torrent names, there are blue triangles, presumably to indicate that the torrent is downloading. What is the little red circle with the white bar running through it on the bottom right corner of the down triangle?

Also, the FAQ mentions the flags column, but I can't seem to find it?

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The flags column, are you talking about these?

Q. What do the letters in the Flags column mean in the Peers tab?

D = I'm downloading (interested and not choked)

d = I want to download (ie interested and choked)

U = Currently uploading (interested and not choked)

u = Peer wants me to upload (interested and choked)

O = Optimistic unchoke

S = Peer is snubbed

I = Incoming connection

X = Peer is unchoking you but you're not interested

? = You unchoke the peer but the peer is not interested

To get these right click on the bar and select 'flags'


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Choked means the person with the piece (the person who's supposed to be doing the sending) just doesn't want to send. Snubbed means no data was transferred over the connection in a set period of time (60 seconds I believe), not necessarily that the person who's supposed to be sending doesn't want to.

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