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torrent hash


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I need help please,I used to use the old Utorrent,when I used to download a torrent,it used to create a hash automatically and it start instantly,

this latest Utorrent doedn't do that,instead you get a screen to confirm.

It was convenient,if you have a screw up,you just click on the hash and

it goes directly to the original site of the torrent and start checking what

was downloaded and it resumes downloading.

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Thank you so much for answering,well maybe it not a hash,but the old one

used to create a second line of data,if I had a screw up,i would click it

and it goes to the original site,it checks what it downloaded before the

interuption and resumes from there, it was very convenient,this latest

utorrent,brings up a screen to confirm,the old one,used to start downling

immediaely. Thanks again for trying to help.

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Sorry, I'm honestly trying (with difficulty) to think of what you're referring to, but I'm only drawing blanks, and really can't recall an instance where µTorrent...

- Has 2 entries of anything for the same torrent

- Creates a hash when adding a torrent

- Screws up, then links to "the original site" (wherever/whatever it may be) with a simple click

Perhaps someone else might have an idea... ;o

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