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Now slow downloads with Pipex


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Well I'm soleseeding again at 25k (leaving 5kish for my browsing use) and tried the torrent from yesterday for a few minutes and THAT torrent managed an upspeed of 9k and a whopping downspeed of 2k (wow , shak me up the ar$e and call me a Pipex shareholder) . Meanwhile my soleseed dropped to 5k . Why do we always get stuffed in this country . Or is it everywhere that contracts are broken onesidedly (torrent throttling or any form of "fair use" wasn't in my contract when I agreed . It was a 1mb down 256k up , 24/7) .

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Wow , it's really turned kaka today .

Started a 1.38gb download torrent today and was getting around 45k down (which was a surprise) at around 11am . This carried on until around 5pm and now it's down to 5k - 13k . I tried the ubuntu torrent to see whether it was my connection or pipex "doin' it's thang" vigorously behind me , and lo , ubuntu is only giving me 13k down .

Yet , I tried a ubuntu http download and I get a steady 108k down speed .

Pipex , you are in breach of contract and really can not be trusted .

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ok, here's whats happened and the steps I've taken.

I am with Pipex and currently have about 6 or 7 months left to run on my contract. What they have done to me over the last 2 days is just reduce my usable bandwidth to 0.5Mb. I have been on the phone to them this morning (their customer service has improved as I get to technical support straight away). They told me to do 6 line tests at half hour intervals through BT. I did these tests and they told me my line was restricted due to the fact I was downloading too much. I told them the following:

1) I am an IT engineer and the only reason I signed up to your contract and not anybody elses was because on your adverts it says in big bold writing 8MB UNLIMITED USAGE!! I told them I am constantly using the connection for remote access as well as transfer of files etc

2) I told them that if they didn't want people to use 8 MB all the time then they shouldn't offer it and accept money for it

3) I said this is a blatent watchdog matter and I am not going to read 8 pages of small print. As far as I am concerned I should get what is advertised if I pay for it!

4) They said I would be monitored for the following 2 weeks and if I stopped downloading so much then they would put my bandwidth back up. i told them that as far as I was concerned they were treating me like a child and I asked if there was any way of them giving me a MAC number without me having to pay the remainder of my contract and they said no problem!!! RESULT!!!!

If everyone does this we should really piss them off!! come on guys!!

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I was supposed to add that question to the bottom of my post but I forgot. thats what i want to find out. I know there are some out there. Even if I had to pay a few pounds more I wouldn't mind if I was getting the service.

Anyone got any good ones?

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Just to kind of answer my own qustion AOL seems to be the one to go with. I am well aware of their problems in the past, but after looking around, fellow peer-to-peerers are swearing by them.

I just gave them a call now and they practically swore an oath that there are no fair usage policies and no restrictions on the 8MB package with unlimited downloads. They also said that as i was migrating I would save £5 per month, therefore it would be the same price as Pipex £24.99. They obviously feel they can meet the consumer needs.

If anyone knows any reason why I should not go with AOL please tell me.


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OK, just received MAC number today. Will book with new provider tomorrow as am too busy today.

The way these broadband companies are is umbelievable! I don't understand why they say unlimited when it clearly isn't! Obviously its to get us signed up, but if they were honest in the frst place, in the long run they would be better off as they wont get customers like us bad-mouthing them to everyone we meet!

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well,i have just signed up with pipex,and am suffering similar issues

speeds between 6-11pm,are a no no as far as torrents are concerned,

however,i leave it running all night,and something must happen,because whatever i have left lined up,has finished by the time i wake up

i check on the torrent sites for my stats,i it shows i download at a average speed of 160 kb/s

on a line of 2-3mb,thats not bad.

newsgroups for me,is much worse (not pipex newsgroup),sometimes i cant even connect.

i spoke to a manager there,and he admitted they where throttling p2p,and newsgroups,and those that were taking the michael,and downloading in huge numbers,which i suppose is fair to a certain extent.

anyone using more than 50gb a month gets stung,and more importantly,the fair usage policy only applies to the hours betwenn 6 & 11pm (peak time)

however,i pointed out that this was not the case for me,as i have barely started using the service.

they just come back with the usual "give it 10 days to settle down"

which is crazy,as i pointed out to him.

my speed test during the day show a steady 3mb

during the evening,it comes down to about 0.5 mb

i am using pipex homecall (there is a difference i'm told)

it costs me £29.99

for that i get

line rental paid for (no more bt)

free national local calls anytime

up to 8mb BB unlimited

to be fair to them,they did say if the problems remain,i would beable to leave,hopefully without any problems,but this as due to the fact that i was up front with them at the start,and told them i was a regular newsgroup user/p2p user,so on that basis i have been mis-sold the product.

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How can you sign up to pipex now after all the bad stuff people say about them these days.

Ok, I have just signed to AOL and it will take 7 days. I had an in-depth discussion with the sales team and she was back and forth consulting people. They said I can pretty much do what I like. These days though, if I go over 60GB in a month they will write me a letter basically telling me to slow down. I think 60Gb is quite reasonable, thats 2GB per day and they do not throttle or cap.

Wish me luck, I will let you know how it goes!

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Is there anyway around beating the system that Pipex have obviously implemented without telling anyone when using P2P?

I have just installed utorrent 1.6.1 but it hasn't made any difference to slow speed?

There must be something that can over ride what they have done?

I tried Tunku's method last week and it worked fantastic for one night only, yet, by next day back to slow speed so fuck knows how they caught on so quick??

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well,its just during the hours of 6-11pm that seem to cause me a problem with pipex

the reason i went with pipex was because powergen cancelled there phone service i was using,so i had to look for a new call provider

and for £30 for line/calls and 8mb is a good price

although virgin look good also

you guys should take a look at what branston pickle is offereing

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Well I left Shitty Pipex and now enjoying a fast reliable connection with Zen www.zen.co.uk

No this l33t company does not trhottle im downloading albums in 3 minutes at 700 kbps on utorrent. Peak usage times im still normally at around 6mb but thursday night i dropped to 100 kbps. In my opinion there is no escaping this slow braodband shit at peak times. Pipex are really are worst company you could br with though.

AOL broadband is reliable company no port thottling also but they are too mainstream for me i like the unknown companys less traffic on their servers :)

Zen i recommend to anyone :)

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with regards pipex

I have enabled encryption

They are they slowing me down all the time and at peak times

They are slowing down everything not just p2p apps

It is now 2:20, and I am still downloading at 14 kb/s, it's pathetic, I have been downloading this film all day, I am supposed to have 5 meg downloads and have never seen that.

Joined pipex 3 weeks ago, big mistake.

I have cancelled my direct debit, they are selling a product and not producing the goods.

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Just to let you know i had these problems and got rid of pipex.

Now with NTL paying £35 a month for 10mg.

No downtime, no throttling and best torrent sped so far is 750kbs!!

Most well seeded 700-800mb movies (avi) take 20-30 minutes.

3 months after cancelling pipex they sent me a letter saying they could no longer guarantee continued service as i hadnt paid them!!! Dont even have a bt line anymore.

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Got a letter from Pipex on Saturday (looked like a mass produced letter) saying that they have intoduced with immediate effect a 'Fair Use Policy' (see: http://www.pipex.co.uk/legal/fair-use-policy.php) and that I was in breach of it and had 14 days to respond saying that I would change my usage behaviour immediately or they would take further action.

They are real fuckers! 8mb UNLIMITED! Yeah right!

What are you guys switching to? Are Zen and AOL the best out there and do they really allow unlimited downloads at a 'good' speed?

I pretty much have my PC on 24/7 downloading stuff - am I the only one?


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Mamba: I'm no expert in british contract law, but hey, If you like to fight, you might talk to a lawyer or a consumer protection organisation (if you have such things in UK). If this "policy" wasn't in your contract when you signed up with them...

for example:

"By submitting your phone number, you are indicating your

consent to us using your data for research purposes and to

receive tele-marketing from us in accordance with our

privacy policy.

Please tick this box if you don't want us to do this."

wouldn't be allowed under german law. Only the other way round!

And oviously you are not the only one that thought that unlimited really means unlimited. Otherwise these incompetent ISPs that first advertised in such sneaky way wouldn't write now those letters.

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Just been on the phone for 2 hours arguing my case

There seems no way out of the contract,you can only get out on a technical issue

pipex will switch you onto the slow traffic line if you download more than.......wait for it......

1gb a week between the hours of 6-11pm.....yes you heard it correctly "1GB"

you go over this,and you will be on there heavy user line for a week

you can download as much as you want at any other times.

Anyone who cancels there direct debit will incur admin charges,and a cancelattion fee,plus the remainder of the contract

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Thats bollocks!

They advertise it as 8mb UNLIMITED, yet where has the unlimited gone? Aren't they in breach of contract or can they simply add Fair Use Policies as and when they please?

Am I the only one that got this letter? They have given me 14 days to respond, yet, they took 5 months to pay back £98 they had 'mistakenly' taken from my account!!

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there fair usage policy covers everything,and it says they can change it when they like

whether its totally legal,who knows

but its about time this was stopped

unlimited,but only for browsing.

its total bullcrap what comes from them.

its not just p2p that people use to download.

For anyone who has canceled there direct debit,let us know how you get on,see if pipex take it further

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