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Now slow downloads with Pipex


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Just sent this letter to Pipex - would appreciate your comments


Dear Customer Services / Support Team

I have just received a letter from you regarding my broadband usage and it states that my usage levels are in excess of the levels we would expect for normal house use and that you would like me to change my usage behaviour immediately!

Firstly, I signed up with you as I was assured that it would be 'unlimited' usage and that I would experience download speeds of up to 8mb. I am well aware that my line doesn't support 8mb, but it does download 2.5mb speed. However, since signing up in October 2006, my speed has fluctuated constantly between 768kb/s and 2.3mb/s and I was assured that this would only continue for a maximum of 10 days. Yet, constant phone calls to your Customer Services and Support Team in the last 5 months have not rectified the situation and my speed continues to fluctuate and I keep losing my connection which is extremely annoying.

Secondly, before I signed up to your 8mb Unlimited service in October 2006, I spoke to Customer Services and explained that I will be constantly using my broadband for remote access and transfer of large files etc and they explained that this was ok to do so.

Thirdly, as I was previously on your 1mb unlimited service and switched across to the 8mb service I was charged a £75 cancellation fee and an extra month of subscription. Subsequently, this involved countless phone calls and emails between myself and 5 named members of your staff. Pipex admitted their error from day 1, yet it took me 3 months to receive the £98 credited back to me.

This letter has angered me in that the download speed I have received lately on your service rarely goes above 20kb/s regardless of peak/off peak usage. I know that you are clamping down on P2P users but this isn't my main use of broadband which I explained to your Customer Service department before I took my contract out with you. Why advertise a service that you clearly cannot provide or adhere to, yet, are quite happy to take £24.99 a month for using? Surely you are in breach of contract?

Please explain to me the letter you sent to me in FULL detail, before I return it within the 14 days stipulation you placed (shame it didn't take you 14 days to return the £98 you 'mistakenly' took from my account).


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[/begin rant]

I have just read the Fair Use Policy over at Pipex and I do not know whether to laugh or cry at their stupidity. Below is a small extract from the policy with my thoughts in square brackets.

The Pipex Fair Use Policy (FUP) has been implemented so that we can deliver a broadband service that is fast and reliable to all our customers [Please note it says ALL our customers].

We monitor the performance of our network and may restrict the amount of bandwidth available to very heavy users during busy periods to ensure that the majority [so now it is the majority, not ALL as stated in the first paragraph] of the customer base have a good experience. This applies to all customers using our Pipex broadband services including unlimited [so we have an unlimited service with limits. Mmmm] broadband.

I am only 4 months into my contract so I am a little stuck. I would not even say I am a heavy user. I watch some iptv, download the odd game patch, download a little p2p and do a little online gaming, I did not think this would be a problem on an UNLIMITED service. I had a lot of respect for Pipex when I started with them and they came highly recommended. I am now actively discouraging as many people as I can away from them. I just wish I new a little more about the law so I could contest the contract I signed with them.

Thanks for reading


[/end rant]

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Ive recently signed up with pipex and i feel like ive been raped! I was with bulldog 2mb and they were amazing uncapped 24/7 and i thought i want more speed so i signed up with pipex. Big mistake!

Weekends i cant get over 20k on utorrent i failed to see in the FUP on pipex where they would cap it to this extent , i mean i may as well use a 56k modem and they call this unlimited.

This is complete bolloxs and i think we all need to contact Ofcom and complain.

If i wanted to be abused i would visit my dad or move to germany, not pay £25 for this shite.

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yes trying to stay below the 1gb a week cap during peak hours is near on impossible,even if you are completly legitimet

bear in mind bandwidth can be anything from..

sending/recieving files from work

playing games online

down streaming videos

even looking on sites that use virtual tour

downloading "paid for" movies/software/music

using your own website...guess it will be offline for most of the time

my advice is do what i am doing

phone them everyday

DO NOT USE THERE NATIONAL RATE NUMBER,its 10p a minute peak,7p minute off peak,

use this freephone instead

0800 1076443

i am also going to contact there press officer Dana Loftus.

going to try and nip this in the bud asap

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I have been reading these comments for the past week or so, I joined pipex about 3 weeks ago and I also feel raped!!

My speeds have been around 20 to 50k using uTorrent and I am in the processing of arguing with them over this, my direct debit will be cancelled before I even make a payment.

However, I have just started a download using uTorrent and the speed is sitting at 390kb/s, so I don't know what has happened, or how long this will last.

The only thing I have done is join the new legal torrent site http://www.bittorrent.com/

and downloaded their client (I still use uTorrent though) I just tried this out cause there is free stuff to download as well as paying for it.

Sitting at 410kb/s now.

I will keep checking to see how it goes.

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ok guys, i said I'd be back with an update regarding AOL so here I am. Moved from pipex today and immediately noticed a difference.

I use private trackers and usually max out my speed. i am getting maximum connection now (650kBps) and guess what...that is even with encryption OFF!!!! I f you can find me an ISP that doesnt have some sort of throttling policy i'd be amazed. these guys don't even care.

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aol do have a FUP,dont know what the trigger point is tho

they will put you on a heavy user server tho,just like those idiots at pipex,although i guess its much higher than the amazing 1GB per week during peak hours that pipex allow

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well,my situation is well and truly fooked up

i am trying to cancel,.......

now they are saying they are not even supplying me with broadband!!!!!

they say my old isp,still have marker on line,so they cant give me the service,i am like wtf???

first they say,i been using too much,now they say this

i ran ipchecker,and it lists my isp as tiscali (pipex homecall)

completly lost???????? and confused

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In that case you need to call tiscalli and get them to sort it out from there end as there is nothing Pipex can do until they release it.

Pipex should have dealt with it for you when you first went with them but they obviously just ignored it hoping it would somehow disapear.

You also need to say to pipex that they are contradicting themselves. On the one hand they say you are a heavy user and they are limiting you, and on the other they say you are not with them. whats it to be?

I have found it really easy to get through to pipex technical support all of a sudden : 0845 077 2455 option 2 (i think)

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Still no reply to my email to Pipex [printed above].

I returned my Fair Use Policy sheet they wanted, saying that I refuse to sign it until they acknowledged my email and provided both Reference Numbers!

Does anyone know if you can use Xbox Live on Pipex? Can't find reference to it anywhere on their shit website

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Interesting thread and a great relief to someone that spent last night wrestling with the network.

I upgraded to the MAX service last month after being with Pipex for ten years odd, been a long standing emule user, thought I'd give the torrent stuff a whirl to try and exploit the faster connection, that they recommended to me incidentally based on my download history

Luckily I seemed to have tried it on the week Pipex throttled/capped/etc

I had whizzy general speeds in my first week, did loads of Windows Updates, loads of utubes, generally revelling in the 8Mb

Now I have utorrent running at 24kb, 45kb overnight although I'm far from doing all the tweaks and stuff

I called Pipex and got what sounded like a YTS boy in the technical support dept, he flat denied that Pipex shaped, throttled or capped

Any slow speeds in peak hours are due to demand and contention ratios, yeah right

He denied that there was a FUP server or that users got punished in any way

When I laughed and asked him if he was really technical support, he asked me if I used any p2p software, when I said I was trying to he replied that in that case I was downloading illegal files, so there

I laughed out loud and hung up

ah well, my new package went live a month ago, only eleven months to go, apparenly I'm bound in until then

were you people further up that got a mac code in the twelve month contract period?

A speed test last night gave me a download of 95kb and an upload of 250kb, router says I had a 6Mb connection

that sound about par?

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Hi ppl,

Not really sure if this may have anything to do with slow downloads but please take my experience on board.

I've just recently signed up to Pipex Homecall on the 23rd Feb 2007. Costs £29.99 a month, up to 8Mb Broadband with Unlimited usage allowance and Anytime - savings on calls.

Problem is ever since I've connected up my connection speed seems to slow drastically to a complete halt when just browsing Web pages. I thought this was just because of the 14 day stabilisation period for my broadband to find the appropriate speed. Phoning support even iterated that.

However, its well past that period now and every day during peak times between 5 - 9 pm my connection still slows to an abrupt halt.

Just on night of the 14th March, at approx 7:30 pm it happened again. Whats more is the strange number of Byte Errors I regularly receive shown in the Internet status window. It was approx 700 Received Byte Errors last night at that time for connection duration of approx 49 minutes.

I phoned and emailed tech support about my slow speeds and they asked me to fill out a speed check form, checking speeds 5 times in a 24 hr period. I did that, answered other diagnostic questions on that form and replied.

They then replied next day and told me that I had violated their fair usage policy and that was downloading over 1 Gig in a week.




The reason you were receiving slow speeds is because you were being affected

by the fair usage policy (please see policy below)

Our records show you are no longer being affected & should have normal


Thank you



After looking at your account, it would appear that due to our fair usage

policy, you have been placed in a 'restricted use' group as it has been

deemed by our network engineers that you have been exceeding acceptable

levels of bandwidth usage.

Our fair usage policy has been set up as a safety measure to protect the

integrity of all of our customers connections. Anyone who has a cumulative

bandwidth (uploads & downloads) 1Gb and over in any given week (7 day period

between 6pm - 11pm); will find themselves subject to this policy.

We will be reviewing your usage weekly and your service will be resumed to

normal as soon as we believe usage to be acceptable.

The placement of your account within our fair usage policy will be for a

period of 7 days. We would advise that you monitor your usage to ensure that

your usage is not excessive in this period.

Fair usage policy:

4.5 You acknowledge that the Broadband Service is provided to other users

and that We, in conjunction with the relevant Access Provider, seek to

preserve network integrity and to avoid network degradation for the benefit

of our other customers and other users of the network. If, in Our reasonable

opinion, We believe that Your use of the Broadband Service has or may

adversely affect such network integrity or may cause network degradation We

may change Your Transmission Speed or manage Your use of Our Broadband

Service as We see fit in the circumstances. This includes, but is not

limited to, any circumstances where You are running an application or

program that places excessive bandwidth demands on the Broadband Service for

continued periods. Although We have not applied a fixed limit or a cap to

the amount of data that You may download and / or upload, We may also impose

a limit on your usage capacity at any time at Our sole discretion if Your

usage is affecting or may affect other users'enjoyment of the Broadband

Service or of the wider network operated by the Access Provider.

Kind Regards,

Technical Support

I already phoned support about this issue and what options I have are to either:

1. Pay the full 12 month subscription if I want to terminate the contract before the full 12 months are up

2. Have a technical issue that tech support cannot solve in which then they can terminate my service

3. Write a letter of complaint

4. Talk to tech support about how best to use my connection when the fair usage policy is in effect

They've even closed down my issue so I can't reply via emails and get a response now.

I am now left with the constant infuriating problem of my connection coming to a complete utterly slow hang during peak times every day, over and over again. The only solutions are to unplug and plug in the speedtouch USB modem cable or restart my PC to get connected again. I think it only happens once in a day sometime during peak hours.

There is also the strange issue with Byte errors I keep receiving. Not only that I am using Zonealarm Security Suite, version 7 and it keeps blocking these incoming TCP (flags:S) which are related to the svchost.exe program from source DNSs (such as 212-139-188-159.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) and UDP packets.

On the 15th March, 11:48 pm I've received 2 Byte Errors with connected duration of 2 hrs, 11 mins. Zonealarm firewall still blocked those TCP (flags:S) Source DNS and UDP packets.

Zonealarm Program Control also still blocked incoming connections to svchost.exe of source DNSs, such as hx-cache-2.ns.uk.tiscali.com.

All this happens as well during the morning, afternoon and late evenings (after 9 pm) and the connection works fine. Just when it nears or within peak hours that my connection comes to a complete stand still once and I need to go unplug then plug-in.

I ping www.bbc.co.uk when this begins to happen as a diagnostic and the following message appears:

'Ping request could not find host www.bbc.co.uk. Please check the name and try again.'

Phone filters have been swapped, TCP/IP stack has been reset and I've reinstalled my OS twice.

I've also had a similar problem with Orange broadband previously but much worse. I couldn't even dial-up during peak times.



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Just had an interesting one .

Torrent downloads have been really shite lately so I've been trying one of the media download sites .

Anyway , tried a torrent again after a month .

Got the usual pipex slow download from 5pm to midnight , and the "more frequent disconnects since December'06" but today I went for beer and came back and my connection had been cut and reconnected whilst I was away .

The torrent was still going , though bloody slow (around 10k with abundant seeds and peers) .

I stopped the connection and reconnected and I got 78k down (as of now) .

Spooky :-;

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