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tracker status, Connection closed by peers


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good day all,

I just moved, and finally go my cable modem back up, but I am unable to start any bit torrent downloads, I keep getting in the tracker status, Connection closed by peers, does any one have any help?? I'm not on a network yet, I'm hooked straight from the cable modem to my laptop.



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i have no idea, im new to this, everything was fine, ive downloaded 21.3 mb of my file then all of a sudden it stopped working and i got that error. im on 56kdialup = aol .

my settings are thus:

i have enable UPnP port mapping checked (Im on winxp sp2) should that be checked?

global max # of connections : 75

max# of connected peers per torrent : 50

number of upload slots per torrent : 5

and i have use additional upload slots if upload speed <90% Checked.

max # of active torrents : 1

max # of active downloads : 1

and i have scraping Enabled.

for seeding priority i have

ratio is 1% or seeding time is 3 hours.

seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks UNchecked.

Limit the upload rate to : 1 kB/s

the only things i changed for advanced options are:

bt.slow_connect = false

peer.lazy_bitfield= true


diskio_delay= 10000

diskio.write_queue_size= 32768

if anyone has any suggestions im up for anything at this point..everything was perfect a lil while ago now it just wont download, and i get that connection reset by peer message..and im new so i dont know too much about this. thanks!

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