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Individual speed poor but total speed fine.


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I have a weird problem as in that my max download speed is 250kb/s and i can achieve this when total torrents are combined.

If i have 5 torrents downloading my speed is steady at around 250kb/s so each torrent is downloading at 50kb/s but if i have just one torrent downloading it will not go any faster then 50kb/s.

I have checked the peer list and can see people downloading same torrent much faster but my torrents seem to peak at 50kb/s

Does anyone know why this is please?

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Ok tried the openoffice torrent and its still the same, will only go as high as 50-60kb/s

My max speed is 250kb/s and upload speed is 45kb/s

I have set download speed to unlimited and upload speed to 38kb/s

Global max number of connections is set to 150

Max number of connected peers is set to 100

Port number above 60000

No router just a modem

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What about typical number of torrents you have running, and how many are typically downloading or just seeding?

(Basically, if you're running lots of torrents at once...are they all uploading smoothly if you're connected to "enough" peers on each?)

How many upload slots are you allowing?

(too few is bad, too many is worse)

Do you reduce the number of upload slots if you're running more torrents at once?

(This is so each person downloading from you gets at least 1 KB/sec of your upload speed.)

What's your half open connection max?

(Too high can even crash a connection.)

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