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After dozens of experiments, I was wondering: is this feature supposed to be working?

In the log window, it said "loaded ipfilter.dat: 1 entries" (which was correct, save the grammar) but this "one entries" happily went on contacting me. I tried what is said in the FAQ - setting the item to 'off' then back to 'on' again in the 'Advanced' tab; I tried shutting down and restarting the program - same result every single time. I cannot block any IP# (or block) whatsoever (I tried on several, just to be sure). I am running W98SE. Any ideas anyone?

FYI, the info is in C:\Windows\Application Data\uTorrent\ipfilter.dat - I made the file using Notepad, saving it as "ipfilter.dat" (including the quotes, so there's no double extension).

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If I understand you correctly, this clause in the FAQ:

"To reload ipfilter.dat without restarting µTorrent, simple (sic) set ipfilter.enable to false, then to true again."

is wrong. I suggest removing it.

Your suggestion proved correct. I stopped the torrent then restarted it. After that, the logger tab keeps saying that "Ipfilter blocked peer ###" - which is what I wanted.

Thank you for your help. Please contact the webmaster and have him alter the incorrect information. Cost me about an hour of useless experimenting.

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I'd like to ask about applying ipfilter.dat to existing connections without restarting the torrent(s). Correct me if I'm wrong but 'restart'ing a torrent somewhat 'hurts' your torrent speed bothways since it took time to reach an optimum speed+connections for that torrent...

From another thread I learned µTorrent v1.7β has something better:

...in 1.7 -- right-click the peer list and click "Reload IPFilter".

Does this mean v1.7β does ipfilter'ing for existing connections too? Or is it a shortcut for ipfilter.enable->true->false->true switching? If it is just a shortcut, will µTorrent consider applying ipfilter.dat to existing connections right after ipfilter reload within its evolution?

I asked for it because I think a "continuous" workflow for a P2P program like µTorrent is important. I think even 'WebUI' is a part of that where you can manage your non-stop working µTorrent from elsewhere. Although it's small, I think such feature will be useful to everyone who're using ipfilter.dat with µTorrent...

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Stop the torrent and restart it. Most of the connections will try to reestablish. You won't lose as much that way, and the blocked connections will get blocked.

Being firewalled causes you to lose almost everything if you do this, but even it still will probably manage to reconnect to the (few?) unfirewalled peers/seeds you previously connected to...after a few minutes. For it, a higher half open rate may be helpful -- just over about 20 is probably only marginally helpful and beyond 100 is DEFINITELY counter-productive.

I use a program called "TCP View" to break connections 1-by-1 if I so desire. I often have it break connections after closing µTorrent...though I typically wait 5-30 seconds for them to be (properly?) closed on their own.

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