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Torrents lost after system crash


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My PC froze (while uTorrent was running) and I rebooted it.

After restart I started uTorrent, but all the torrents were gone.

I looked into C:\Documents and Settings\mine\Application Data\uTorrent

and it is full of torrents I had.

Why aren't they displayed in the uTorrent GUI ?

I had about 20 finished torrent, 5 seeding and 2 downloading.

uTorrent v1.6

Is there any way to recover the torrents ?

Besides manually copying them out and re-opening ?

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Why would you think they're dead? They're still usable... The only file that got corrupted from the improper shutdown was resume.dat, and that's the file that stores the list of torrents. All you have to do is populate the list again by (again) reloading the .torrent files in that directory...

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You, say I should move them to another dir and reopen. Which will copy them back. (and make them active)

Currently they are there, but not active , ergo : dead.

As if I copied the picture of my mom there. It is there, intact, but has no purpose : dead.

That is what I mean. They are just taking up disk space.

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