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how to forward port....


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Thanks a ton TBO.

I gone thru it & it's useful. But I didn't really follow it exactly...coz it didn't work when i add my port using the custom rules. As such, I goto the user category to insert my port there & it work!!!

Now, I got my green light on...but unfortunately the download speed is still very dissapointing => only 20-30k... It all bcoz of my ISP tm.net.my...Yes, i frm Malaysia & recently this ISP is really very famous among user in this forum coz they are trying to kill TORRENT!!!

Thanks again.

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Well Guys.. I have the same problem, I am trying to add custom port forwarding but it is not listing in the "Port Fowarding" application.

Working since morning on this matter but no solution at all. :(...please help

by the way, I have tried this link http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Aztech/DSL600EU/Utorrent.htm but unfortunately the it doesn't work. I have somewhat diffrent settings, may be my firware is updated to latest one.

Anybody can provide the solution??

Thanks in advance!!

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