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Leo 2007

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Ok then I just got laptop that has Windows Vista pre-installed.To make the story short my connection is the worse.My download speeds when I download files is like 2.5k/b and even loading webpages seems like i'm on a dial up connection.I have a 3.0mb connection and I had the technician come out and apparently it's not the connection.He said it may have something to do with Vista or my laptop.Idk but,im considering downgrading back xp but,I figured i'd try to get some help here first.

Acer Laptop

AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology Mk-36 (2.0 Ghz,512KB L2 cache)


802.11b/g wireless LAN

My DSL modem is a Westell 6100 and my wireless router is a

Belkin Wireless G Router

Can someone help me out please?



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Yh i got the same problem, but my connection doesn't slow down, it FREEZES. Have to disable my wireless adapter and reenable it to reestablish a working internet connection. Once i open utorrent again, my connection dies again. Im also running Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit version

Leo 2007 are you using a wireless connection?

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YOU think uve got problems, hehe!

when i boot my system, everything works fine :), download speeds in IE7 and Firefox are great, UNTIL i run uTorrent. My download speeds in uTorrent only get to 60KB/s download and less than 40KB/s upload, which is then the same in IE7 AND Firefox.

Ive done a speedtest before and after running uTorrent and here are the results


Download Speed: 8027 kbps (1003.4 KB/sec ) Upload Speed: 660 kbps (82.5 KB/sec )

run utorrent for a minute, then exit and wait a minute for buffer to clear then got:

Download Speed: 666 kbps (83.3 KB/sec ) Upload Speed: 805 kbps (100.6 KB/sec )

Figure that one out :P

Vista Ultimate 64bit

Belkin 54g Wireless Network Adapter

ive done the netsh thing from command prompt, ive also done many a thing that ive found in forums around the net, still got this same problem (for about the last week or so, was working fine for about a month before that)

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Belkin has gathered a terrible reputation for networking hardware, at least as far as BitTorrent goes. Even 60 connections at once often seems too much for it.

...and wireless connections have their own problems even with good networking equipment.

So did you try Ultima's slow speed/interrupted internet guide?:


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