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Not Connectable/Firewall issues.


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Alright, I know there are a hundred of these but I looked and haven't found a solution so far in the forums. I have WinXP Pro SP2 with no firewall (except router) and a D-Link DI-524 router. I've had it all nice and shiny up until we had a power-outage and now I have a continual "Not Connectable - Firewall/ Router" error. I've followed the guide and tried to re-forward my ports, but it just won't go away. I've tried the port forward test and no fruit. Now, I've gotten all my IP's and DNS straight ( I think) but I'm missing something, I know it. Oh, I'm still able to download and upload though, not always at my regular speeds but I've still had some high numbers. It's just not consistent.

I have tried with UPnP on and off.

I have tried other ports

I have set-up a clean, static IP



Please, if anyone has has an idea or has been thru this and solved it, let me know. Please?

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Still not working.

Hmm...not too sure what you mean by "rule". So, I've studied the pic a bit and enabled the two items I saw that were "disabled", the Virtual Server on D-link (I've always had off and it had always solved it) and the DHT in utorrent. Still no change however. But, at least you saw something I hadn't; a fresh pair of eyes always helps.

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Heh. Fair enough, I just never heard the term "rule" in port forwarding. However, it's all fixed and this is something that might happen to others so I'll pop it in here.

I have a home DSL bundle (digital/dsl/phone thru my coax) with the modem/descrambler all in one ugly unit. When the box is reset, the DHCP range given by my provider will be reset too. Unlike most providers, the DHCP range given will not be a hundred (this time it was up to 50). So, once that was found it was easy. I've never heard of this being done but it's what they told me...


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