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Touble with the text, statics and information


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Well, Hello everybody, I have the uTorrent version 1.6 and I can't

see my files downloading information, neither the general information

or the pieces or the peers, I can only see my speed information, If

someone can help me plz..

I have already try the Add torrent/cancel trick, and disabling the overrrun feature of the McAffe, but doesn't work...

Sorry I have an error on my topic text, It have to be, "Trouble with the text, Statistics or Status and information"

And something that I haven't put it yet, is that this error wasn't appear days before, it appears today

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:D I don't now how, but my problem disappear, it give me an error "Error: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" because I was trying to watch one file with Windows Media Player, so I stopped the Media player and resume the download... I think that it could be another trick like the add torrent/cancel trick
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