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bad speed when connected through the router


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hey guys, ok here's my problem, seems that when i'm connecting through the router i'm getting roughly around 300 kbps and when i connect straight to the modem i'm getting around 700 - 800 kbps, which means that everything to do with utorrent is working fine, and this makes me believe that the problem lies primarily with the router. so what i've done so far is:

1. checked the speeds while connected to the modem and then while i was connected to the router, i was getting slightly better speeds with the modem but these were just small differences and nothing significant.

2. got a port assigned and forwarded, i'm getting the green light at the bottom of utorrent and the port checker is giving the green as well.

3. assigned a static IP for my computer and upgraded the router firmware.

now my question is, should i open any more ports on my router? any other ports that might make a difference or is it just my router is crap and i should be looking into investing in a new one? i've run out of options here and don't really know what my next step should be. keep in mind everything is working perfectly when im connected directly to the modem. also, i can download just fine somewhere off the web using my router and can play most online games without any problems.

the router: network everywhere nr041


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