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Choppy: Resources are low it seems


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I am a long time user of utorrent. Since going to 1.6 (3 weeks ago on this machine) I have been experiencing alot of lag type issues that I would like to try and solve. I will explain as best as I can.


3.0Mhz Dual Core

1 Gig Ram

250G HDD

100mbit Connection

When I have utorrent open and I want to rar some files my utorrent speeds will suffer alot (uploading) slows to about 50 percent of the speed it was at prior to using winrar or quickpar etc and the whole system slows down overall. If I check a file to make sure its not corrupt the same occurs. I thought this was maybe a problem with my system but when I close utorrent everything is extremely fast like it was when I first got it. Open utorrent and start a seed and back to the lagginess - slowness again.

I tried several things with utorrent closed. Making multiple par files and created rars, checkin rars and the system holds up well. If I open utorrent and just create ONE set of par files while seeding the speed will bottom out and the pars take twice as long.

Not sure if this is a utorrent problem but I figured if anyone can give advice this is the place for it. I dont believe its a system issue but I am no expert. While utorrent is not on (seeding or downloading) all is well on my machine. Once I open it, the work slows down as well as the speeds. I am at a loss so I ask for assistance.

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.



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